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Braids + veil

I cut out my veil yesterday and hemmed it. I made it too short, and also 25" before seam allowance seemed wide enough when I measured over my braids but I probably should have made it 26" or so. The good news is I have about 6 yards of that linen lawn, the somewhat bad news is that pulling the threads to cut it straight was a pain in the butt and I'm not convinced I kept my hem on the grain anyway. I'll revisit this project in February.

If I had made the veil longer I would have had more play when it came to draping the veil. 25" long seems like a lot until you are trying to get this little flappy here, and so on and so forth.

Here's how I draped it. Sort of. I should have just asked my husband who was sitting right next to me to take photos of the draping. I'll try to get them next time.  Missing is the photo where I pinned the front corners at the nape. 

I will point out that I have not starched this at all. Linen lawn doesn't behave like any of t…

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