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Twelfth Night happened.

Here is what my calendar leading up to Twelfth Night looked like. I left for Reno on the 21st of December with a bodice that needed eyelets and a smock that needed its neck finished. I had fully intended to finish those things while I was visiting my family for Christmas, but family is not a low key thing (at least mine is not) so I did not. I came back from Reno on the 26th. Every day I said to myself "I should sew. I should sew." I did not.

On December 31st, I invited Flidais over to eat some of the cheese we made and to sew. I did not (I was extra tired and actually took a nap after our lunch). And then I just rotted on the couch.

On January 1st I thought "I should sew!" and I maybe did some eyelets.

On January 2nd my husband went back to work and I sewed. What I actually did was wake up, dig around for my old patterns, realize I had nothing to transfer patterns to, bounced to JoAnn fabrics for 6 yards of True Grid, transferred hecka patterns and added seam all…

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